Bloodclan is not an official Clan, but more of a loosely organized group of alley cats who live together in Twolegplace for mutual protection from Twolegs.They mostly feed on Twoleg trash. Live prey is scarce, except for the occasional rat.Their leader is Twig (formerly Scorge).They don't have an "official" deputy, but the cat closest to Twig will influence her some. They do not have a medicine cat, and the elders, queens, and kits are never cared for;if a cat can't hunt for itself, then that cat will die.Cats are required to live on their own, and living in family groups is forbidden. Mothers are forced to train their kits, teaching them how to hunt, fight, and generally everything basic, and at the age of twelve moons, kits leave their mothers, so they are forced to rely on Twig and Bloodclan.



  1. Twig

Closest FollowerEdit

  1. Open


  1. No Followers Currently


  1. No Queens Currently


  1. No Kits Currently


  1. No Elders Currently

Former Members of BloodclanEdit

  1. No Cats have left Bloodclan.



  • Cats of Bloodclan can kill an average cat with one sqipe
  • Cats of Bloodclan can handle any kind of food qith no problems
  • Cats of Bloodclan are strong enough to kill dogs

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