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RiverClan is one of the five Clans and consider StarClan to be their warrior ancestors. RiverClan cats live on the reedy, pebbly plain near a river with very few trees. RiverClan cats are known for their amazing skill at fishing and love for water. They also love beautiful things, and are known to collect rocks, shells, and feathers to decorate their dens. They eat mainly fish, but they can also eat water voles, shrews, and mice. They are contented, sleek, well-fed cats with well-groomed fur. They are known to be clever and graceful but are perceived outside their Clan as being stubborn and lazy. Their long fur and glossy coats are an asset while swimming. RiverClan gets by in leaf-bare, because according to other Clans, they fatten themselves on fish during greenleaf in preparation for leaf-bare. RiverClan cats dislike adding birds to their fresh-kill pile.Sometimes other Clan cats call them "fish-faces", or "fish-breath". They are quite strong swimmers and move through the water as if they are part of it. Their lightning reflexes help them scoop fish from the bank.



  1. Silentstar


  1. Fawnsong

Medicine CatEdit

  1. Open


  1. Silverwave


  1. No Apprentices Currently


  1. No Queens Currently


  1. No Kits Currently


  1. No Elders Currently

Former Members of RiverclanEdit

  1. No Cats have left Riverclan



  • Cats of Riverclan can swim easilly
  • Cats of Riverclan can hold their breathes for long periods of time
  • Cats of Riverclan can fight good in the reeds,or the water

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